Business & Industry Leadership Team

The National Convergence Technology Center’s Business & Industry Leadership Team (BILT) meets quarterly to provide guidance to the center in determining employers’ needs in the workplace. The BILT consists of high-level executives and technicians, from large corporations and small companies alike, who understand the current state of the convergence industry and what skills get students hired.

These partners provide:

  • Validation of job knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Course and curriculum modification and development
  • Job forecasting - anecdotally and through surveys
  • Internships and job shadowing
  • Expertise in the direction and evolution convergence labs
  • Providing speakers on relevant convergence technology topics
  • Helping develop case studies

National IT BILT

The National IT Business and Industry Leadership Team is a merging of two National BILT groups, the National CTC BILT and the NISGTC BILT for Networking. Both teams were working to define the knowledge, skills and abilities that their students need to possess upon graduation, to obtain a job within the information communications technologies and networking industries. The merging of the two groups has allowed both grants to leverage a more powerful and diverse group of business leaders.

Check out this interactive brochure for more information about the National BILT and how it's members are supporting students. Click the image below to access the full-sized PDF. (Inside the brochure, click on the photos to view videos.)
BILT Brochure

BILT Members

Members of the team include companies that are best-of-breed vendors in the technology marketplace and companies that rely on IT networking and convergence in their business operations.

Key businesses involved in the BILT are: Aastra, AMX, Alcatel-Lucent, ADT Security Systems, Cisco, Citrix Systems, Comerica Bank, Dell, EMC Corporation, Intel, InterLink, IPCelerate, Juniper Networks, Lockheed Martin, Phillips Healthcare, Raytheon, TDI Technologies, Telecom Electric Supply, Texas Instruments, The I.S. Group, Tyco Integrated Security, VCE, and VMWare.

ADT Security Systems Alcatel-Lucent AMX Cisco Comerica Bank Dell EMC Corporation Juniper Networks Philips Healthcare TDI Technologies Telecom Electric Supply
US Department of Labor National Science Foundation

Why join the BILT?

The National CTC finds that getting business and industry to actively co-lead, rather than just advise, a program's focus and curriculum produces positive results for students. The goal is to avoid the pitfalls of traditional business advisory councils that often review curriculum just once a year and may or may not be comprised of business leaders familiar with the desired workforce skills. The benefits for students are obvious, but why would a business or company participate in a BILT?

In an engaged BILT, Business Leaders:

  • Participate in a forum to share trends with other business leaders in a neutral, non-proprietary environment
  • Influence the creation of a pipeline of skilled future job candidates
  • Develop relationships with colleges preparing those future employees
  • Generate goodwill and positive press as the company demonstrates its commitment to workforce needs

Learn more about creating and maintaining your own BILT by downloading our guide: "Getting Business and Industry Involved"

For information about joining the Business & Industry Leadership Team contact:

Mark Dempsey, National CTC Assistant Director • 972.377.1582