Convergence Technology Curriculum

NOTE: Because the CTC is a NSF ATE center grant, access to the complete curriculum is limited to educators of North American secondary and post secondary institutions. Available below is the syllabus of each curriculum subject, the outline of learning activities and powerpoint presentations as well as a link to one sample learning activity and one sample powerpoint presentation.

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Convergence Technology Syllabus

Convergence Technology curriculum is found in the table below. Please click on each link to access a module.

Updated: January 2008

Learning Activity PowerPoints

Telecom History

Learning Module 1 module 01 pp


module 02 la Powerpoint Module 2


module 03 la module 03 pp

Signaling & IOS

module 04a la
module 04a pp
04b-LA-The OSI Model 04b-PP-The OSI Model

LANs, WANs, & Anti-Virus

module 05a la-1 module 05a pp
05b la-20081 AVG Antivirus module 05b pp-20081 AVG Anti Virus Presentation1.ppt

Internet & Problem Identification

module 06a la-1 module 06a ppt
module 06b LA-Problem Identification.doc module 06b PP-Problem Identification.ppt


module 07 la-1 module 07 pp

VOIP & Audio Conferencing

module 08a la-1 module 08a pp
module 08b- la-Audio Conferencing module 08b pp-Audio Conferencing

QoS & Encoding/Decoding

module 09a la module 09a pp
module 09b LA Encoding-decoding module 09b PP Encoding-decoding Morse Code


module 10 la-1 module 10 pp

Wireless & NAT

module 11 LA Module 11 - 11-22-07 module 11 pp

Pod and Web Casting

module 12 LA-web-pod casting LA module 12 PP-Web-Pod casting
module 13 la module 13 pp

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