Convergence College Network (CCN) Program

Become a Convergence College Network

For colleges who are interested in starting a Convergence Technology degree and certificate program at their institution, the Convergence Technology Center has instiuted a Convergence College Network Program.

Criteria for participating in the Convergence College Network program includes:

  • Security sufficient equipment for a lab
  • Faculty available to work on the program
  • Time available to work with a mentor faculty member
  • Creating a business advisory council
  • Validating job skills
  • Developing a degree or certificate plan based upon the skills validation outcome
  • Recruitment plan

CTC's responsibilities will include:

  • Providing an equipment list
  • Making a mentor faculty member available to the Convergence College Network
  • Training the Convergence College Network in the use of the job skills validation process
  • Providing sample degree plans and certificates and recruitment event samples
  • PI, Co-PI or Senior Staff to be the administrative point of contact
  • Distributing syllabi, learning (lab) activities and assessments for convergence curriculum

To apply, contact Helen Sullivan

Phone: 972-377-1582
Fax: 972-377-1718

The Convergence Technology Center is located at:
9700 Wade Blvd.
Frisco, TX 75035